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Stop the Water While Using is expanding their care product line more and more with new products. Discover the newest products and spoil yourself with only the best! 

September 2014
New at Stop the Water While Using Me!

We now have 2 great new shampoos.

Fennel Papaya Shampoo
The creamy, foaming shampoo naturally and gently cleanses, giving hair noticeably more
volume. The combination of fennel and papaya sounds unusual, but it smells great - and is perfect for fine hair. That’s because fennel makes hair glossy and strengthens it, while the antioxidants in papaya give it extra bounce.

Lavender Sandalwood Shampoo
A little of this shampoo goes a long way, and the nourishing effect is noticeable after just
three washes. Rough, damaged hair feels soft and is super-easy to comb after washing. The power of natural lavender does dry hair with split ends good. A hint of sandalwood oil gives the shampoo a relaxing, subtle and warm fragrance.

April 2014
New at Stop the Water While Using Me

We now have 2 new products in our care line.

We now have a new showercream with hibiscus and brasilian nut and a lovely smelling body oil with almond and fig!

March 2014

NEONNEID has some new skins.

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